Our Mission

The mission of the Decatur Adventist Junior Academy (DAJA) is to develop the whole being: mental, physical, spiritual, cognitive, emotional, and social, through love for God and humanity, and academic achieve.

Our Goals

Intellectual Development—Adopt a systematic, logical approach to decision making and problem solving based on a body of scientific, mathematical, and historical knowledge within the context of a biblical perspective.
Acceptance of God and His Word—Surrender one's life to God through conversion; use the Bible as a basis for a relationship with Jesus Christ and a guide in all areas of life.
Commitment to the Church—Desire to know, live out, and share the basic tenets of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Family and Interpersonal Relationship—Develop a sense of self-worth, along with skills in interpersonal relationships need to meet the responsibilities of family membership, and respond sensitivity to the needs of others.
Responsible Citizenship—Develop an understanding of multicultural diversity and historical heritage, and a working knowledge of governmental processes, while affirming a belief in the dignity and worth of others and responsibility for one’s local, national and global environments.
Communication Skills—Acquire optimum competency in verbal, and non-verbal communication, in the use of information technology, and in effective communication of one’s faith.
Healthy, Balanced Living—Accept personal responsibility for achieving optimum physical, mental and spiritual health. Life Skills—Function responsibly in the everyday world, using Christian principles of stewardship, economy, and personal management.
Career and Service—Develop and strong work ethic and an appreciation for the dignity of service along with an awareness of career options and opportunities as the relate to one’s personal involvement in the mission of the church.
Aesthetic Appreciation—Develop an appreciation of the beautiful, both in God’s creation and in human expression while nurturing individual ability in the fine arts. The Decatur Adventist Junior Academy operates in harmony with the guidance and direction of the Office of Education, North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Our Philosophy

Decatur Adventist Junior Academy (DAJA) exists to educate the hearts, minds, and souls of students in a challenging, stimulating, nurturing setting. Growing in Christ, intellectual development, positive human relationships, and physical fitness are the pillars of the school’s program. We view the processes of growing, learning, and maturing as cooperative. The school acts as an educational resource and advocate for families, but it can never assume the role of surrogate parent. We strive to impart a sense of enjoyment in teaching, learning, and the pursuit of excellence. In that joyful context we expand the perceived limits of young minds to the glory of God. 

Lets Keep In Touch

Decatur Adventist Junior Academy

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